Baywitch Tees are printed! Getting ready for the shoot tomorrow night it should involve some of the following (not sure yet) glitter, beaches, cemeteries, and/or rituals. xo

We went to Block Island and got weird

FACT: Photoshoots are fun, friends are fun, and getting weird on the beach is fun.  We swam, we rode bikes, we threw rocks, we found clay and covered ourselves with it, I made a Huppah and Jamie married a Stone version of Sean that Freddie made.  

Here are some of the outtakes that didn't make it in. 

PS There's a video coming soon...

Photoshoot Outtakes

This was really fun LOVE all these WITCHES! 


Jamie Peck

Karen Isabel

Claudia Lopez

Jess Plummer

Mischa G.

Photos by Seth Mooney


PhotoShoot Day!!

Mischa G. is a BABE and does the best hair around and Jess Plummer is an amazing makeup artist and BADASS in PMS and the Moodswings <3 and manages other bands around town and across the pond

I hope to do some lady profiles in the future and will def feature these loves.

Secret Project Robot <3

RIP to one of the Best Brooklyn DIY art/music venues. Every xmas they had a bunch of weirdo vendors come together to sell stuff and roast chestnuts over a garbage fire.